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Share my Location

Friends and Family Group


  • The app sends SMS messages to your selected contacts, with you location on a Google Map

  • The app initiates a phone call for help

  • The SMS contains a link to the google map on their smart device which when clicked, opens their Google maps showing you location

  • The recipients and then use the map to find the route to reach you

Why us

  Share your location in an emergency or socially.

  Requires an Apple or Android smart phone for sending and receiving the SMS

  Friends Assist SOS button sends your selected friends and contacts a SMS with a link to Google maps pinpointing your location.

  The SOS also initiates a phone call to a selected contact or phone number The recipient clicks on the SMS which opens Google Maps showing your location.

  No hidden charges, the SMS is sent by your existing phone service.

  No adverts, no click links.

  No need to wear a dongle around your neck

  Requires cellular connectivity and cellular data or internet connection

  They can use the map to get directions to you Get help from you friends in the event of an accident or illness.

  Use the share my location to let friends or businesses, taxis etc. know exactly where you are and how to get to you.

  Private only the SMS recipients are sent the location.

  No account to create.